Parent Tours

A Parent tour is the best way to see the Montessori work time, the children in the classroom, and to meet our admissions staff. We will be holding tours starting in July 2020 for those interested in applying for Fall 2021.

Tours are for adults only.


Contact the campus that you would like to visit to schedule your visit today!

Exploring Minds Montessori Valley Glen campus

6047 Fulton Ave. Valley Glen, Ca 91401

Office: (818) 786-1007


Exploring Minds Montessori Sherman Oaks campus

5128 Hazeltine Ave. Sherman Oaks, Ca 91423

Office: (818) 465-3216


Observation Guidelines for the Tour
We find that it is very important that you observe the Montessori method in action in order to better understand the philosophy. Please be aware that in the Montessori classroom, the environment plays an important role in the learning process; if that environment is altered or disturbed, the child’s focus and concentration will be lost. For that reason, we ask that on the day of your observation that you do not bring your child/dren with you.

While observing keep in mind the following:
• To keep distractions to a minimum during the work-time we ask that you do not interact with the children working on lessons.
• It is prohibited to take pictures or video of students, staff and the classroom.

• Refrain from using your cell phones.
• Hold all questions and concerns until your meeting time at 10:15am with our director.
• Avoid holding conversations with other adults.