Throughout the year we celebrate several events that our Exploring Minds community participates in. These are opportunities for our families to meet one another and spend time together.


Here are our events as described by Montessori Minds parents.


“Every year we have a great time at the Exploring Minds picnic! It’s always nice to meet our daughter’s friends and their parents in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. The highlights of past picnics have included magicians, face painting, and delicious treats. Spending a nice afternoon playing in the sun always reminds us that Exploring Minds is a place with friendly families and caring teachers.”

– Amy, Montessori Minds parent

Thanksgiving Potluck

“The only thing better than the food prepared by the parents for the Thanksgiving Day Pot Luck is the looks on the kids’ faces as they exit their classrooms and gather around the table. The first time I volunteered, I was awestruck by the amount of love on that table. Each year it is covered with environs created by the children with the help of the teachers: fresh flowers, fall decorations, and white tablecloths. Our extended family is on the east coast and getting back there for the holidays can be difficult; Thanksgiving at Exploring Minds is absolutely the next best thing.”

– Pete, Montessori Minds parent

Winter Show

“The winter show is a unique view into the enrichment classes that our children take at Exploring Minds. In small groups, the children participate in mini-lessons to show off the work they’ve been doing in Spanish, yoga, drama, French, etc., and it serves as a “peek behind the curtain” to see our kids in action. We have always left excited by the fact that our children are appropriately challenged, entertained, and interested by Exploring Minds’ teachers. The exuberance and enthusiasm are palpable as the students love to share what they’ve learned with a live parent audience brimming with pride. There’s nothing quite like the smile of a child when he or she recognizes a parent in the crowd.”

– Jon and Amanda Wimbish, Montessori Minds parents



“One of my favorite activities at EMM are the parent presentations for the Multicultural Fair. I truly enjoy learning about the parents cultures and traditions. I love to see the art they bring from their countries, the clothing, as well as hearing the music they bring to share with us. The best part of the presentations is tasting the delicious food the parents share with us and hearing them share about the nostalgic feelings that it brings to them.”

– Jennifer, Montessori Minds parent


“We are so thrilled to have our daughter at Exploring Minds Montessori. It’s a wonderfully diverse school, and we are amazed at all the learning opportunities provided at a preschool! Even at the youngest age, they teach French, Yoga, Dance, Music, Art, Spanish and Drama.One of the most rewarding experiences my daughter has had in her first year at Exploring Minds, was participating in the drama productions. Even at the young age of 2 1/2, my child loved practicing her songs for the play over and over, and felt so proud to be on stage. We were amazed at how confident all the children were in the Spring production “The Court of Normandy.” They loved being in costume, and swinging their (fake) swords! They enjoyed the dancing and taking their bows! It was truly incredible and rewarding experience for everyone, and we just couldn’t believe something like this could happen at a preschool.”

– Merrin Drake, Montessori Minds parent

Sun Celebration (Birthday celebration)

“The Sun Celebration has become a real highlight of our year. Our whole family participates, including our younger son. We bring photos of our daughter at each year of her life, share stories and memories with the class, and bring the class a little treat to celebrate the birthday occasion. We have found that the process of preparing for the Sun Celebration (looking at old photos to select the ones we are going to bring in, thinking about what stories we want to tell, etc.) helps us appreciate how much our daughter has grown up. It’s great being able to interact with the kids in the class and we also appreciate being part of a more contemplative tradition that, while still lots of fun, is a change of pace from the typical ‘Yell-a-song-and-blow-spittle-at-a-cake’ soirée.”

– Greg, Montessori Minds parent