Ms Doha


I graduated from Saint Joseph University in Beirut with a Masters degree in education. During these formative years I learned the Montessori method, but had to wait a couple of years before I got fully involved with Montessori schools. Seeking a higher degree, I went to France and enrolled in a PhD program at Paris VIII University. During that time, I visited some schools for field research, and one of them, Montessori Sainte Agnes, was an amazing inspiration to me. The Montessori environment, the level of respect among students and staff, the stimulation and love for learning the children acquire, were a few of the qualities that contributed to my decision to follow the Montessori path. I have been on this path since I moved to Los Angeles, where I found a wonderful Montessori Preschool in Hollywood. The school had everything an educator and parent would wish for. I taught there for eleven years before I opened Exploring Minds Montessori Preschool in  the city of Valley Glen in September 2003. I am fortunate to be able to extend  the Montessori program at our second campus in Sherman Oaks.